The tool was designed by and for technical writers: it frees writers from a number of constraints by offering them the tools best suited to your context and the solutions to make your project a real success.

Start with a good foundation:

An experienced consultant, familiar with the customer environment, assists customers throughout the implementation.  Atelier Numérique customers know exactly what services and actions are required to migrate to Author-it

  • They do not need to extrapolate without knowing all the possibilities of the tool
  • They will have a customized specification and services
  • The results of the D&A will be presented to them by the consultants

To get to success

In close relationship, our project managers listen to you, guide you, answer your questions and find the right solutions throughout your project. Atelier Numérique customers have all the keys in hand:

  • They understand how the specific services offered to them serve their project
  • Understand what tasks need to be done on their end to prepare for implementation
  • They can review and comment on the proposed service package with full knowledge of the facts before committing their company