Project support

The documentation, perhaps more than many other things, must be very simple, in every way. Simple to develop, simple to use and simple to maintain.

Project management

Analysis and accompaniment in the follow-up of your documentary project, the definition of workflows, roles.

Choice of tools

Advice on how to best suit your project and your IT infrastructure.

Structuring of information

Collaborative definition of the desired level of granularity and implementation of a content reuse strategy.

Tool customization

Toolbars, styles, templates: to establish the perimeter of the elements used later by the editors.

Custom style sheets

Creation of style sheets for publication in the output format of your choice (PDF, HTML …); a personalized layout in compliance with the corporate graphic charter.

Training on tools

The tools are described and documented in French. Atelier numérique offers a user manual, training cycles, and e-learning modules for certification

Versionning, Reporting and Audit Trail

Each object is unique, with a documentary status and is subject to a history.
Each action is recorded with a date and is part of the document’s life cycle.

Archiving and proof file

Atelier numérique allows you to guarantee the integrity of your documents