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Our solutions are created and delivered by experts in our field: technical writing and document production.
Customers benefit from a professional, feature-rich solution, personalized services and comprehensive customer support.
We are extremely proud of our solutions, but also of the relationships we have with our customers, some of which go back over 10 years.

CCMS stands for Component Content Management System. A true CCMS, like Author-it, is a relational database with content broken down and stored in components. This alternative architecture is highly searchable and robust because of the granularity of the content being managed, which means you can easily store and manage large volumes of content without losing control of your documentation. With Author-it, you can manage components, workflows, content reuse, translation and localization, and much more in our integrated CCMS.

Author-it makes it easy to control writing standards when working in a team:

  • All Author-it components, such as common headings and styles, can be shared, so everyone uses the same standards.
  • Author-it allows you to specify different security permissions for different users. This way, only specific users can create or modify the templates that control the appearance of your document.
  • To ensure consistency, text formatting can only be done by applying styles. So once you have defined your standard styles, everyone must use them.

Atelier Numérique is able to :

  • Help you to make a coherent style sheet according to the graphic charter of your company
  • make structured object models according to your company’s editorial charter
  • Secure your objects and styles

Yes, consulting services are available that are tailored to the customer’s requirements.
These services include data migration, training, template customization, macro development and approval, and publishing profile customization.

No, Author-it manages standard document services such as indexing for search, version control, workflow, security and access control.

Yes, you can easily create workflows on your own, or the Digital Workshop team can :

  • assist you with a reliable implementation
  • set them up for you upon delivery.

Yes, we are doing it!

Unlike many solutions, Author-it provides a true end-to-end authoring, content management, localization and publishing solution on a single collaborative platform.
Our technology differs from DITA and XML solutions in that it uniquely supports both structured and unstructured authoring, allowing users to contribute, whether they are technical or non-technical, whether they can write code or not.
In addition, while some companies advertise an integrated CCMS, it is often file-based, which means that only one person can work on it at a time, and content is overwritten. While DITA and XML solutions are technically CCMS, they are really just a code repository.

Author-it provides a rich and powerful editor specifically designed for creating single-source documents.
It is impossible to provide a WYSIWYG editor if the content components are intended to be reused in multiple outputs or formats – PDF or Web, for example.
Author-it provides a rough view of the editing environment and the internal UI stylesheet can be configured to match the desired styles.
Atelier Numérique helps you improve the usability of the most commonly used objects

Autho-it’s multi-channel publishing system supports a wide variety of outputs, including but not limited to:

  • HTML5 support sites
  • Web Help
  • Scorm
  • xAPI
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • XML
  • DITA
  • Word

Author-it is distinguished by its versatility. Designed for the DITA expert and the technical writer, this solution is accessible to all team members, including business experts, project managers and system administrators.
Author-it has developed a simple and ergonomic interface particularly adapted for business experts who have little time to devote to documentation but who are essential to the reliability of the content.

Atelier Numérique accompanies your teams so that you become specialists of your work tool.