Innovative technological solutions for intelligent content



  • The most complete and simplest database-based Content Management System (CCMS) on the market.
  • From 1 to 10,000 users.


Create, collaborate, manage, reuse and publish training and eLearning content on a single platform with Author-it Cloud.


Digital Workshop guides you to develop pages for a website. Author-it contains a whole toolbox that allows you to layout and make functional your menus, animations on web pages at your convenience.


Our import tools automatically analyze, map and import structured and unstructured legacy documents. Import content from a single Word document or gather large documents in minutes and start structuring.

Procedures, Diagnostic Help

  • Simple procedure: sequence of actions, illustrated, with interactive graphics
  • Complex procedure: sequence of steps that are linked together according to a precise chronology
  • Diagnosis: questions and answers with problem-solving procedures and illustrated documentation

Forms, declinable documents and templates

  • Forms: can be formatted and distributed by Digital Workshop
  • Declinable documents: allow you to add content to a collegially determined structure
  • Templates : allow to standardize and increase the efficiency of document production

Feedback, FAQ, Tips

  • Feedback : possibility to give information in context, to improve the content
  • Frequent Ask Questions : provide relevant and proven solutions to real problems
  • Tips: capitalize on the know-how of editors and product experts

Online Help, Communities

  • The online help is directly accessible from the Author-it portal
  • It is possible to import data from Robo-help, DocBook, Word , HTML Help, FrameMaker, Dita,…
  • The Author-it community is an open community where anyone can register and contribute

Knowledge center

  • Tells you what has changed in the new version, new features, product upgrades and the effect on existing users.
  • Explains the hardware and software requirements to use (or upgrade to) the latest version of Author-it Cloud or Author-it On-Premises.
  • Shows how to prepare for the latest version.
  • Recommends strategies when you upgrade.

Training & eLearning

Our advanced authoring tools create all training modalities from a single course structure – whether it’s classroom, self-paced, or eLearning materials – for publishing to SCORM LMS, mobile learning, presentations, customer support sites, application help files, Salesforce, SharePoint and more