Your jobs

Information sharing, the success of your actions.

Content management system solutions support the reuse of content from a multitude of different documents, they allow you to capitalize on information, distribute it, anticipate and plan.


  • Audit of costs related to document production with delivery of a calculator
  • Evaluation of the impact of changes in document production methods
  • Migration audit: methods, deadlines, costs


  • Documentary project management
  • Management of variants
  • Training management
  • Creation of documents that can be adapted
  • Import of existing documents


  • Contribute
  • Review 
  • Collaborate 
  • Training material
  • ISO, S100D, SECUFER standards


  • Document policy: legal responsibility, reliability of technical content, confidentiality
  • Documentary governance: collaborative work, sharing
    Prepare the migration to a component mode documentation,
    Define the internal processes of the documentation team, inter-team,
    Define the tools and methods: writing, validation.
  • Documentary process chain: site architecture, macro and micro analysis of documents, document life cycle audit, document typology, volume, responsibilities
  • Support for change: efficiency report that makes it easier to detect major risks and general remediation principles.
  • Valuation assistance: establishing an ROI


  • Ergonomics: adaptation of toolbars, links with add-ons
  • Customization: using metadata to target the right information to the right people
  • Modeling: creating templates, CSS style sheets, declinable documents, forms
  • Standardization: ISO standards, S100D, SECUFER, etc


  • Translation: translation memory, specialized lexicon
  • Localization: contextualization
  • Variant management: updating and versioning


  • Training materials: Training manuals, Slides
  • e-Learning: Presentation slides, Questionnaires, Quizzes
  • Knowledge base: FAQ, Tips, Catalogues