Discovery & Analysis

A new experience in record management, that is the document process.

An in-depth analysis

Conducted by one or more consultants. It is an analysis of the customer’s current and future document processes. The consultant highlights the different services and actions required for the successful transition to the Author-it Content Management System.

D&A performs an in-depth analysis of the document structure, processes and authoring methods to develop a detailed, tailored specification. The action plan specifies the schedule, task assignments and outcomes of each phase.

For a path to success

D&A follows a 3-step process to begin the Author-it implementation

  • Step 1: The customer provides details of their current document production cycle and presents a representative sample of the typical documents they are considering for migration to Author-it.
  • Step 2: Author-it consultants come to the site to conduct a series of interviews with business experts. This allows them to collect examples and information on the basis of which they will develop the detailed specifications.
  • Step 3: Atelier Numérique presents the result of the D&A to the client. The D&A process will be finalized in 2 to 3 weeks, and the implementation will start after step 3.