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Atelier Numérique

The creative integrator

  • Efficient solution for creating, editing, translating and publishing your corporate content
  • Author-it is a web-based interface accessible to all stakeholders.
  • We deploy in companies of the following types: SME++ GE and ETI
  • Being well accompanied is a key factor of your success

They trust us

Teams of all sizes trust us to publish their corporate content.

Projects and Stakeholders :
Our job

Atelier Numérique SAS supports your evolution to capitalize and enhance your corporate content.

As an integrator, Atelier Numérique converts information technologies into tangible results:

  • by defining quantified results objectives with you that measurably reduce your costs
  • by the development on demand of adaptations to your information ecosystem or to your business applications
  • by a systematic innovation approach that integrates the human dimension of your organization

Because of their experience, Atelier Numérique’s representatives can analyze your company’s needs.


A single tool allows you to create, review, publish, edit. The interface is intuitive and requires no knowledge of computer language.


Atelier Numérique contacts are experienced Author-it users and have a solid background in technical writing.


From the creation of a document, to its edition, through the various updates: Everything is traced, discussions, suggestions, modifications are recorded in the history


CCMS : Why choose author-it ?

Reusable content

A real CCMS

A true CCMS like Author-it, is a relational database that automatically breaks down your documents and stores content in these reusable components, which are kind of like Legos.

"Author-it is a powerful software: with Atelier Numérique, it becomes hyper efficient.
The team is friendly, creative, listening to my needs."
Sylvie. V
Technical Writer
A structured creation

The original component authoring tool.

We understand the requirements of technical writers and their teams because our solutions were developed by creators, for creators. Our team of seasoned professionals is well versed in change management and focused on delivering results that benefit your business.

Break down silos

A better way to create and deliver content

Unlike traditional, document-based methods, such as Word, Author-it is an efficient, effective, and secure way to create, manage and deliver your content to multiple channels while staying accurate and on-brand.
Our services

Partners in your success, we are involved in each step of your project before, during and after.


Atelier Numérique has extensive experience in the management of disruptive technology projects.


Analysis and support in the follow-up of your documentary project.


Atelier Numérique customers benefit from certain advantages.


Simplified handling, improved customer satisfaction.

"I have been fortunate to interact, collaborate and learn from so many brilliant minds...
I sincerely want to thank you for your support and help in my work as a technical writer.
You certainly helped make my job a little easier."
Shaunack K.
Technical Writer


Let's start

We are involved in each step of your project.